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Here at Freddie’s Bouncy Castles, safety is our number one priority.  Please familiarise yourself with the below information before deciding to hire an inflatable as your venue may not be suitable.    

A sense of freedom

Windy Conditions



In windy conditions that Exceed 24mph a bouncy castle or inflatable should NEVER be operated as this is dangerous and could be blown away putting the users in danger! Any bookings which need to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions will be cancelled and refunded.   transfer to another date to keep you safe.


If you have booked with us and it is Heavy rain, we would cancel the booking and refund you the deposit or transfer to another date. 


We are happy to proceed with a booking during light showers on the proviso the Bouncy castle has a shower cover.  If you choose to cancel due to showers then the deposit will be used as a cancellation fee. 

Dabbing in Water
Grass Close Up


Generally speaking, this should not be done for several different reasons 

The majority of bouncy castles have 6 anchor points which are designed to guide the strengthened steel stakes into the ground (e.g. into natural grass or top soil etc) in order to secure the inflatable to the ground outdoors. These stakes are carefully designed and manufactured to a tried and tested formula and satisfies the HSE policies of 600 Newtons of Force for each individual anchor point. 

If we can’t make use of stakes or drill into tarmac, concrete, or artificial grass (which would probably permanently damage it) we have no choice but to make use of heavy weights to prevent the castle from moving around or tipping over. We choose vinyl sand-bags covered in the very same PVC fabric as bouncy castle products are made of. So, when they are in use they almost look like part of the inflatable. We attach these sand-bags to the inflatables using strong carabiner-style clips. 

When the inflatable is outside there are strict laws (laid down by the UK Government) for the amount of weight called for. It’s 163KG per anchor point (which equates to 600 Newtons of Force) On a typical bouncy castle (e.g. 12feet x 15feet)with 6 anchor points that amounts to a MASSIVE 978KG !!! That is a literally a ton of weight!! (The weight of a family car is around 1 ton which gives you an idea as to how much weight is legally required to secure the bouncy castle to the outdoor hard-stand area!) 

Sand bags (when full) typically weigh 25KG, so to get to 163KG we would require7 bags of sand per anchor point or 42 bags of sand for a standard child’s bouncy castle. 

So sadly, due to these reasons We cannot set-up play inflatables OUTDOORS on man-made lawns, or any other hard-standing floors such as concrete or tarmac. We pride ourselves on always putting safety first – and this is the reason. Thank you for your understanding. 

*For more information on bouncy castle hire regulations, please see the link below: 

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